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Practical Programming Concepts for Beginners using PHP - 4 Weeks Course

Are you eager to embark on a coding journey that unlocks endless opportunities? This course is the perfect launchpad for aspiring programmers like you! Whether you’re a complete beginner or have dabbled in coding, this comprehensive 12-week course will equip you with the essential PHP skills to build web applications with confidence.

Course Fee: Free

Course Overview

The “Practical Programming Concepts for Beginners” course is designed for individuals with little to no prior programming experience who wish to learn fundamental programming concepts using the PHP language. Over the course of this program, participants will gain a strong foundation in programming principles and practices, enabling them to build simple applications and web projects with confidence. The course emphasizes hands-on learning, practical examples, and real-world projects to solidify understanding and application of concepts.

Start Date:

11th October 2023


4 Weeks ( 1 Months)

Study Mode:


Start Date:

11th September 2023

Course Outline

Learning Outcome

After completing a 4 week course on Practical Programming Concepts for Beginners, with the added components of teamwork, students should achieve the following learning outcomes:

– Demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental principles of programming, such as variables, data types, and operations.

– Explain the basic syntax and structure of the PHP language.

– Implement conditional statements (like if, else, and switch) and loops (like for, while, and foreach) to control the flow of a program.

– Design and use functions to break down complex problems into manageable tasks.

– Manipulate arrays and strings to store, retrieve, and modify data.

– Employ different PHP built-in functions for string and array operations.

– Create web forms and process user input securely.

– Demonstrate an understanding of super global variables and their uses.

– Establish connections to databases and execute SQL queries using PHP.

– Design and implement basic database structures, understanding concepts such as tables, rows, columns, keys, etc.

By the end of the 4 weeks, students will have a foundational grasp of programming and PHP’s core concepts, essential for web development. They will be adept at using PHP’s basic constructs, managing arrays, strings, and implementing conditional logic. Through collaborative activities, they’ll hone their problem-solving skills, learn the nuances of teamwork in software development, and foster a competitive mindset, emphasizing efficiency and optimization. This robust foundation will prime them for more intricate topics and real-world application in the subsequent phases of the course.